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Sunavi Mobile Computing Co., Ltd. in April 2007 was established in Taipei, Taiwan, focused on a cell phone, PDA, PMP, and other handheld devices, the development of specific applications. Companies with R & D department, business marketing and "other allied departments, the total initial investment capital amounted to NT$30 million yuan. So far business has been successfully expand the scope of business to the mainland in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and other important positions.

Sunavi Mobile Computing Co., Ltd. in the navigation system and mobile phone software development has been the practical experience of more than 10 years, is the Greater China region with a small number of core competencies independent professional team, with a number of embedded system software and navigation Search patented technologies. Starting in mid-2006, that is successful with a number of IC design factory, Design Feature Phone Plus Navigation of the prototype, the world's leading mobile phone in the functional (feature Phone) on the development of a GPS navigation applications, with a R & D team.

Sunavi Mobile Computing Co., Ltd. position for the provision of mobile phones or handheld devices location-based information applications for a variety of platforms quality solutions, (WinCE… not limited to, such as Open System). At present, the main customers for the platform providers, chip solution suppliers (the hair), cell phone Design House, brand mobile phone production side (Dongling, the three giant network, a strong and ELIYA…, etc.), and with the Chinese mainland with the professional map makers, ordered a variety of LBS (Location Based Service) products.

Sunavi Mobile Computing Co., Ltd.  in the mission of providing high quality and excellent performance of the system and software to hardware vendors, and in the international market of the top three leadership position in the ever-changing computing capacity today, Thinking of ways to reverse, in the low-end electronic equipment needed to run high-end equipment to the general well-functioning system, which will serve to promote the pursuit of the vast number of practical consumer groups. The company, like a number of BlueOcean is to create business opportunities, but also opened up a huge number of consumers in the lower pyramid market.

Sunavi Mobile Computing Co., Ltd.  main products at this stage is divided into two parts: First, car navigation systems, proprietary equipment such as vehicles, hand-held portable systems, staffing of a mobile phone can have practical the navigation function of the development of special purpose applications, GIS Data of the value of play to the greatest extreme, and use of the phone itself with the communications features, combined with location information and allow a more all-round, multi-purpose practical results. Another major product is available for pedestrian traffic guidance devices, personal action of the unlimited extension of Cheong Hang 'to further improve the world, Suioueran' realm. 2007 Q3 listed first set of products have been launched and is expected within a year will be the development of other 4-6 positioning of the different products. At the same time, we also actively towards the satisfaction of customers more services goal, and constantly develop more innovative progress in the diversification of products, the company can continue to maintain innovation in the industry leadership position.


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